Always read the label!

If you buy folic acid tablets from a shop or chemist, each tablet is likely to contain 400 micrograms of folic acid which is exactly the amount most women need to start taking each day before they become pregnant... but always read the label.

If you want to get your extra folic acid by taking a daily multivitamin, make sure you check that each tablet contains 400 micrograms of folic acid. Some multivitamins only have 200 micrograms of folic acid in each tablet which is not enough to protect against neural tube defects.

Do not be tempted to take more than one multivitamin a day in order to get the right amount of folic acid as this might mean you have too much of another ingredient. So, it is important you choose the correct multivitamin from the start.

When reading the label, you may find that 400 micrograms is written 400 mcg or 400 μg or 0.4 mg.

If you see this on a label you know that you are getting the right amount of folic acid.

Each tablet provides   
 Folic Acid 400  μg
If you are in a higher risk group you will need to ask your GP about having the higher dose of folic acid which is only available on prescription. The higher dose of folic acid is 5 milligrams which can also be written as 5mg or 5000mcg or 5000 μg.

How will you remember to Go Folic! each day?

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