Latest News Latest News 23/11/2011 26b6e3ec-3dd0-45d4-8c98-209f0174acba Spina Bifida - A Nurses View Read why Jenny took the higher dosage of folic acid before her children were born. 05/09/2011 53365e88-2664-43a6-a70b-12c221ab97f5 Folic Acid: A mother's message for the Go Folic! campaign;smessagefortheGoFolic!campaign In this moving film, a mother describes how her youngest child, Hattie, has been affected by spina bifida. Folic acid, if taken daily from before conception, can help to prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida.
d3e6442c-31c6-4614-bff4-8b0b8009d389 "Take Me, Take Me Now!" - Folic Fred is now LIVE on Youtube!;TakeMe,TakeMeNow!andquot;-FolicFredisnowLIVEonYoutube! Watch this quirky video starring Folic Fred! It carries a vital message. 24/08/2011 3afcd18e-2293-42ad-bd76-62b94ae6fe22 Feature 'Go Folic with Folic Fred';GoFolicwithFolicFredand#39; Go Folic! with Folic Fred video, as part of feature. 23/08/2011 fdc61cb0-99d2-4775-b0ed-0df45ad577b4 Folic Acid Campaigners Across Europe Folic acid campaigners came together from across Europe! 11/07/2011 7d323544-6014-4d2c-ab01-e0cfc4842b16 Go Folic Northern Ireland Launch A major new campaign has been launched that will urge all sexually active women who might become pregnant to take the correct dose of folic acid everyday. The Go Folic! initiative was launched at on 27th May at the Professionals Conference, Belfast by Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality - SHINE. 02/06/2011 603c1562-b99d-4647-887c-21f9a392d70c New Partnership To Promote Folic Acid Uptake By Women Go Folic! the national campaign to increase women’s intake of the vital pre-conception supplement folic acid has embarked on a major new partnership with the vitamin supplier Vitabiotics, manufacturer of Pregnacare. 19/05/2011 e46237d4-6ba0-4732-8899-8342ed7973d1 Go Folic! wishes William and Kate a healthy and happy marriage!wishesWilliamandKateahealthyandhappymarriage An advertisement has been placed within the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telegraph, Times and the Independent wishing William and Kate a healthy and happy marriage. 29/04/2011 21fdb115-dd0e-4b07-888b-925acc2f2b57 Go Folic Before You Frolic!! A major new campaign will urge all sexually active women who might become pregnant to take the correct dose of folic acid everyday. The Go Folic! initiative will be launched at the House of Commons on Wednesday by Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality - SHINE. 15/03/2011 f408edcf-7cbb-4447-8048-161d4873231b Public Health Minister to speak at Go Folic! launch!launch Anne Milton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health, will speak at the launch of the UK-wide Go Folic! campaign on 16 March 2011. Anne was educated at Haywards Heath Grammar School in Sussex, and trained as a nurse at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London. 11/03/2011 2ed05c60-ee70-4e73-855e-0ab523ba9fdb Go Folic! Launch!Launch Read the full speech by Shine Trustee Lisa Cain (pictured), at the Parliamentary Reception for the launch of Go Folic! "The Adult Members Council is an active part of Shine, directly representing people who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across the whole organisation. 04/03/2011 ca25472a-f82b-4ef8-b90a-73d3e925fdc4 Dr Rob Hicks celebrity doctor and Shine Patron Dr Rob Hicks, is one of the UK’s most popular and well-known media-doctors. Dr Rob Hicks appears regularly on ITV's This Morning and is also the resident health expert on British Forces TV. Commenting on the Go Folic! Campaign, Dr Hicks said: "I think Shine's new 'Go Folic!'... 04/03/2011 0d9964da-87b6-4b83-af84-2083ae29a5d3 Jodies Story Jodie sent in this very powerful and moving story about her experience of a very rare Neural Tube Defect (NTD). Neural Tube Defects vary enormously, some lead to very severe or life threatening conditions, others are much less severe. Dear Go Folic My partner and I had waited ten years to try to start a family. 01/03/2011 6fd2f5d5-3c3d-4bdd-852e-6120d6344cc7 Danny Mills Former Premiership footballer, England International and Shine Patron Danny Mills speaks to us Exclusively! “My wife Lisa and I lost our baby son Archie to spina bifida. Archie’s condition was so severe that he had no chance of survival. I would like to do anything possible to help to save other families from facing the trauma we did. 01/03/2011 3a0081f5-94d5-4d9f-9a92-0dc582a191d7 Archive Link View All Articles... 02/02/2011