Go Folic! Launch

Read the full speech by Shine Trustee Lisa Cain (pictured), at the Parliamentary Reception for the launch of Go Folic!

"The Adult Members Council is an active part of Shine, directly representing people who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus across the whole organisation.

Through the things we achieve, the campaigns we run and the influence we have, we are showing that people born with spina bifida can overcome their challenges, celebrate their lives and make a significant contribution to society.

However, in representing everyone with a neural tube defect, we also represent people from future generations who may share the same disabilities. 

We speak up for those individuals who could, during their early development in the womb, end up with a neural tube defect. Many of these babies will die, others will be born with spina bifida. 

Whilst we are confident that anyone born today in the UK with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus will be supported to overcome the challenges, we also know that it would be far better if they didn’t have to face those challenges in the first place.

This is what today is all about. We are proud to be the people we are, but for the sake of a simple message – take Folic Acid  BEFORE you become pregnant-many of us would not have had to face the lifelong challenges that we and our parents did. 

We’d have been the same people, the same babies, but born healthy.

This is why I believe  ‘Go Folic!’ that we are launching today is the first step on a campaign of monumental importance to this and future generations. 

Please, join us and whatever else you do from now on Go Folic!!"


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08 March 2011, 09:09Barb

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Go Folic! is led by:

Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality - SHINE (Registered Charity No 249338), covering England, Northern Ireland and Wales. Scotland is covered by the Scottish Spina Bifida Association - SSBA (Scottish Charity No SC 013328).

Our special thanks go to the Go Folic! Women's Nutrition Project in San Francisco for their inspiration and support.